Fatcats, Rednecks & Preachers (redux)

by Scott Swartzwelder

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Scott Swartzwelder returned to WestStreet Recording to restate "Fatcats" -- a cutting appraisal of the times in which we live. With Jeff Brown on sax, the composition takes on an urgency that makes it difficult to remain seated. So, best rise up.


Fat-Cats, Rednecks, and Preachers
They’re running the GOP
They got their hands in my pockets and their gods in my bed
and they’re forcing their shit on me

Slinging their hate and vitriol
Because a god is on their side
Ain’t no difference between them and the Mullahs
But now there’s a rising tide

Can you tell me where we’re headed?
Can you tell me where we’ve been?
Is this the place that we’ve all dreaded?
They’re covering all the deadly sins.

Fat Cats, Rednecks, and Preachers
They lyin’ in wait with a brick
They robbin’ us regular folks with a smile
And layin’ the sermons on thick

Paving their private road to hell
Talkin’ bout their good intentions
When all the while, the Devil’s smile
Is one of their inventions

Fatcats, Rednecks, and Preachers
They havin’ their way with us all
Got people belivin’ and all the while thievin’
But the tower of Babel will fall

If there was a god in a heaven
It’d be laughin’ its ass off now
We’re turning the earth into the Sinai desert
gold-platin’ our sacred cows

Words & Music by Scott Swartzwelder
Copyright © 2012 All Rights Reserved


released February 20, 2017
Scott Swartzwelder - vocals, guitars, bass, drums
Jeff Brown - sax
Joseph North - background vocals

Produced by Dayna Wittman
WestStreet Recording
Durham, NC USA




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